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Accomplishments as Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Director of Strategic Leadership at the University of San Francisco (1985-2002)

The University of San Francisco is a selective urban university with excellent graduate programs in law, education and nursing, an enrollment of 9,000 and operating budget of 280 million.  The University is affiliated with St. Frances Hospital. I was the first incumbent for this position and had both staff and line responsibilities.

  • Revised policies on technology transfer, patent development, chaired the IRB.

  • Revised academic budgeting and compensation practices for all university employees (including the law school) with improved financial statements and forecasting.

  • Conceived the idea and developed the Center for Strategic Leadership including a for profit corporate programs unit responsible for generating millions of dollars in new revenues. Worked with the City and County of San Francisco and Bay Area Fire and Police Departments to develop training and workforce development programs to enhance minority recruitment and professionalization of management practices.

  • Successfully institutionalized shared governance and cooperative decision-making at the university, led the conversation that resulted in the Board and President to ultimately accept the decision of the faculty to engage in collective bargaining, led the establishment of an academic senate.

  • Managed institutional accreditation through several cycles; initiated strategic planning and assessment with faculty constituencies.

  • Initiated, revised, and implemented all staff and faculty handbooks, research and teaching policies;

  • Chaired search committees for executive leaders including Vice Presidents, Deans and Directors.

  • Worked successfully to revise program approval and development, developed and initiated new policies on sabbatical leaves, e-learning and faculty development.

  • Performed market assessment, planned and implemented new undergraduate and graduate (doctoral) degrees and certificate programs with federal, state, county, and city agencies. Served as liaison to city and state officials to develop new revenue streams to support university programs.

  • Led new strategic planning initiatives for university, restructured shared decision making which included Board Committee structures, actively promoted decentralization in schools, colleges and the library.

  • Led international engagement, faculty exchange, opened new programs in the Middle East and Asia, and successfully worked with WASC securing international accreditation.

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