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Accomplishments as Executive Director of the SUNY Levin Institute (2012-2014)

The Levin Institute was located at the SUNY Global Center in New York City.  The Institute created linkages between institutions at SUNY, New York State, the City of New York, university systems in the U. S., foundations and international organizations, to develop and manage academic programs, executive training,  and applied research in the following areas; economic and workforce development, innovation and entrepreneurship, and international affairs.  The Levin Institute housed a Confucius Institute for Business (in partnership with Nanjing University of Finance and Economics) and supported affiliated relationships with the United Nations and the Rockefeller Institute of Government. Funding ended for the Levin Institute in 2014, although several Levin initiatives and programs continue to be offered through the SUNY Global Center.

  • Renegotiated the Levin FastTrac program (in partnership with Kauffman Foundation) with the City of New York for $1,000,000 over two years.  600 new businesses in NYC have started as a result of FastTrac and 2,500 graduates have completed the program to date.  Solicited and secured approximately $1 million dollars in competitive grants, contracts, and donations;

  • Developed new partnerships with the Central European University and institutions in Italy, France and Spain, the Asia Financial Society and National Committee on American Foreign Policy;

  • Successfully negotiated a new scholarship programs with the Jewish Foundation for Education of Women, which has returned over $1,000,000 in student scholarships to SUNY students;

  • Edited, published and distributed several major studies on entrepreneurship in New York including, “New York in the World:  The Impact of the Global Economy on New York State and City;”

  • Implemented a new metric system for employee performance, a project management tracking system and revised marketing strategies, new fiscal, accounting and auditing procedures for all financial matters;

  • Implemented a new Levin Fellows program, recruited scholars to serve as Fellows from domestic and foreign universities;

  • Developed new partnerships with the SUNY Research Foundation (assisted in oversight of the initial SUNY Innovation Showcase);

  • Led in the development of a new mission statement, integration of Levin programs into SUNY colleges and universities; facilitated development of SUNY degree programs at the Global Center, graduate programs from SUNY Binghamton are now offered; 

  • Increased the value of the Levin Foundation by 100% during my tenure.

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