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Press Conference Microphones

Televisionand Media Interviews

  • CNBC Television, Interviewed on "Power Lunch" Monday May 20, 2024, 2:30 pm. Invited as expert labor commentator to speak about the recent UAW elections at automobile plants in Alabama and Tennessee and the UAW organizing strategy.

  • CNBC Television, Interviewed on "Power Lunch" Friday January 26, 2024 3 PM EST. Invited as a national labor management expert and interviewed about labor management trends in the US with a particular focus on the Las Vegas Hospitality Industry. 

  • Media Discussant, Labor Management Expert. Quoted/interviewed in the following publications: Yale University Insights, February 9, 2024. Unionization in American Museums; The State News (Michigan) January 23, 2024. Unionization at Michigan State University; The Chronicle of Higher Education, Special Report; "The Unionized Campus: Understanding and Working Productively with Unions" 2023. 

  • Sino Education Channel, Chinese National Television, Beijing, 2010. 

Television interview on higher education and U.S. Chinese partnerships.

  • Spanish National Television Network, Murcia, Spain, 2008. 

Television interview on trends in international higher education, U.S. Spanish partnerships.

  • WHYY Radio News Interview, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, February 17, 2006.  

Invited discussant:  “Graduate Student Unionization”.

  • Liaoning Province, National Chinese News, Shenyang, People’s Republic of China, 2005.

Television interview on trends in U.S. Chinese higher education.

  • State University of New York, Albany; WAMC, Radio Talk Show, “The Best of Our Knowledge”, Albany, New York, July 1995. 

Invited Discussant: “Leadership and the Role of Power and Influence in Academic Organizations.”

  • KGO-TV, Channel 7, 6:00 p.m. News, San Francisco, California, December 20, 1994.

Invited Discussant: “Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.”

  • WABC Radio News Interview, New York City, October 1992.

Invited Discussant: “The Status of Part-Time Faculty in American Higher Education.”

  • KTVU, Channel 2, 10:00 p.m. News, San Francisco, California, June 24, 1992.

Invited Discussant: “When Employees Strike the Transportation Industry.”

  • KPIX, Channel 5, 10:00 p.m. News, San Francisco, California, March 16, 1992.

Invited Discussant: “Labor and the American Electorate.”

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