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College Campus

Courses Taught 


Undergraduate Courses/Lectures (Online, Hyflex, Executive)

  • Labor History

  • Negotiations Strategies and Theory 

  • Labor Management Relations

  • Business Communication Essentials

  • Global Business

  • Human Resources

Graduate Courses/Executive Education

(online, HyFlex, Executive)

  • MBA Core Courses in Management 

  • Leadership in Higher Education Institutions

  • Administration of Institutions of Higher Education

  • Collective Bargaining in Higher Education

  • Labor Management Relations

  • The Politics of Higher Education

  • Global Business Strategy/Communications

  • Human Resources

  • Power and Influence

  • Labor Management Relations in the Health Care Industry

  • U.S and European Relations

  • Management/Strategy, Private and Not-for-Profit Organizations

  • Managing the Post Pandemic Workplace

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