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Dr. Daniel J. Julius

New York City

"Dan helped us develop our sales approach and program to higher education. With his experience as a university educator and administrator, his insights were invaluable. He worked closely with our sales and marketing teams to develop sales strategies. He is also unusual in his ability to provide a bridge between the commercial and technical world and higher education."

-Vance Ikezoye, President and CEO of Audible Magic Corporation 

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Dr. Daniel J. Julius is a recognized expert in the areas of labor management relations, collective negotiations, human resource management and conflict resolution. He is experienced in establishing and maintaining partnerships in international higher education, implementing shared governance mechanisms, crisis management, long range planning and managing institutional accreditation. In past roles he has served as a mediator, arbitrator, chaired or served on many accreditation teams, and facilitated seminars for Deans, Provosts, and Presidents. He has served as Provost and Academic/Senior Vice President at three public and private 


universities/systems (in Alaska, Illinois and New Jersey) and has been the senior systemwide administrator responsible for labor and human resources for two public higher education systems in Vermont and California. Earlier in his career he was Director of the Center for Higher Education at Teachers College, Columbia University.

More recently he has engaged in research and worked extensively with senior leaders in mission driven cultural organizations (Fine Arts, History, Science, and Children’s Museums, Environmental Centers, Botanical Gardens, and the like). He has facilitated CEO retreats for the American Alliance of Museums and worked with a variety of associations in this field. He is developing executive education and related professional development programs at Rutgers University in these areas and serving as a consultant on research projects and organizational design for numerous institutions. He leads a research team at Yale University studying museum management and community engagement. 


Dr. Julius has taught or lectured at Stanford University, the University of California, Berkeley, University of Toronto, University of New Hampshire, University of Hawaii, University at Albany, SUNY, New York University, Cornell University and at Yale University. At present he is a Visiting Fellow in the School of Management at Yale University and a Senior Fellow in the Center for Global Work and Employment at the School of Management and Labor Relations, Rutgers University, where he engages in research on labor management relations.  He is also a Visiting Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University, where in addition to faculty responsibilities, he serves as the Director of Academic Partnerships. In this role he works with public and private organizations and institutions of higher education in the Ohio region developing joint degree opportunities, executive education seminars and collaborative programs with universities in Europe and Asia. 


Internationally he has lectured in the People's Republic of China, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Israel, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Ecuador, Malaysia, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Japan, and the Sultanate of Oman. Dr. Julius received support from the following foundations; Gates, Kellogg, Danforth, Sloan, Lilly, and Fulbright (he has received two Fulbright Awards) and works as a consultant for a variety of state, federal, for-profit, and nonprofit organizations including hospitals and health care systems, large urban police and fire departments, and the hotel and hospitality industry. In past years he served as President of two national professional associations in human resources and labor management relations, the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA/HR), and the Academy for Academic Personnel Administrators (AAPA).

Daniel has experience as an editor and reviewer and has authored over one hundred and fifty articles; his most recent book on labor management relations in higher education is published by Routledge Press. During his career he has been a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Studies in Higher Education, University of California, Berkeley, the Center for Organizations Research at Stanford University, and the International Labor Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. He holds degrees


from The Ohio State University and Columbia University.


He lives in Jersey City, New Jersey and Moreland Hills, Ohio, is an avid skier and collector of locks and keys. His collection of pre-eighteenth century keys dating back to 300 BCE is one of the largest in the United States. Those interested in viewing some of the artifacts in his collection can find them on this webpage.

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